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5 year / 120 000Km Warranty *
Save Up To R90 000
Lexus LC
From R2 031 200
Save Up To R80 000
Lexus RC
From R1 029 300
Save Up To R50 000
Lexus UX
From R654 700
Save Up To R60 000
Lexus NX
From R751 800
Save Up To R80 000
Lexus RX
From R1 052 800
Save Up To R150 000
Lexus LX
From R1 823 700
Save Up To R70 000
Lexus IS
From R747 800
Save Up To R60 000
Lexus ES
From R653 200
Save Up To R100 000
Lexus LS
From R2 062 400

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